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List and/or attach any archive information for the site, with source references. Ensure you have copyright permission to attach documents, photographs and published information and include full archive references. See our file naming protocols below for guidance.

Add multiple sources by selecting the  symbol.

Source type

Select a source type from the dropdown. Browse your computer, smartphone or tablet to attach a file. Attachments will be submitted with your online recording form.


Ensure the file name contains full source references:

Example plan: Sitename_orientation_ source ref no_date_01

eg Cannockdrillhall_Firstfloor_StaffsROrefno_1915_01.jpg

Example map: Site name_maprefno_mapdate_01

eg Cannockdrillhall_maprefno_ 1915_01.jpg

Example written information: Site name_extract__document date_01

eg Cannockdrillhall_ColSmithdiary_1915_01.jpg_

Example book: Sitename_author_date_title_page_01.jpg

eg Cannockdrillhall_Newton_1959_WWItrainingcamps_p21_01.jpg

Example historic photograph: Sitename_direction or detail_date_01

eg Cannockdrillhall_Nelevation_StaffsROrefno_1915_01.jpg

Example verbal transcript: Site name_transcript_ person date_01

eg Cannockdrillhall_transcript_ColSmith_1915_01.jpg

Note : the tiff file format cannot be viwed in most web browsers.

Please supply scans as high-resolution JPG or PDF files with a maximum file size of 10 MB.


Enter these details for each archive source.