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Add multiple threats types by selecting the  symbol.


Select the main visible threat to the site from the dropdown, based on your personal observation or knowledge, or select Other to add your own, or No threats.


Select a scale from the dropdown to indicate the significance of the threat:

High : Threat will result in the total loss of the site
Moderate : Threat will lead to loss of parts of site, alteration, partial demolition, dereliction or damage
Low : Lack of maintenance, vegetation damage
Negligible : No known threats to the site


Select a scale from the dropdown to indicate the threat timescale:

Active : Current demolition, coastal erosion, vandalism, animal damage
Short-term : Within the year, known development plans, coastal erosion
Long-term : Within the decade, for example due to neglect, coastal erosion, vegetation growth
Negligible : No known immediate threats to the site