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Use your field observations to note the site’s use, date/s, features, condition and vulnerability.

* Essential fields are marked with a red asterisk.

Site type

Select a term from the dropdown wordlist to ensure your site will be indexed appropriately, or choose the Unknown box and include a short description of the site type.

Date constructed

Type the year into the date picker and then select the day and month or just type the year into the field provided.

Date source

Enter the source for your construction date: field evidence, local knowledge or a documentary source with references.

WWI use

Select the dropdown date to indicate the span of dates for First World War use for requisitioned or altered buildings or Unknown.

WW2 use

Check the box if there is evidence of use in the Second World War.

Site description

An accurate summary or detailed description of what presently exists on the ground, noting the number and shape of the structures and any related features. Note the site’s setting in the landscape, its layout and the relationship of the buildings, identify and describe individual structures and external and internal features. Include these details where possible. See summary examples in our Guide to Recording First World War Sites and Buildings and our visual guide to building features. 

Construction materials

Select a term from the dropdown wordlist describing the main material used in construction. Select a second term if required. For earthworks or submerged remains, select None.